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If you are not yet a member and would like more information about our consortium or other services, please contact us by e-mail at ams@maritimesafety.org or by phone at (914)997-2916.

AMS provides organizations with the necessary tools and support to comply with regulations that require enrollment of safety sensitive personnel in a Chemical Testing Program (46 CFR Parts 4, 5 and 16). Members may consult with our in-house lawyers on maritime legal issues free of charge.

Membership Fee: $40.00 per crew member per year
Drug Test Fees: $28.45 per test
(This fee includes collection, lab analysis and MRO fees)

Our consortium has been issued a Letter of Regulatory Compliance (LRC) by the USCG.

To enroll, simply fill out the Membership Application/Renewal Form

Members may click here for additional forms and information. MEMBER FORMS

DOT Regulation – 49 CFR Part 40

USCG Chemical Testing Program Compliance Audit Checklist

USCG Form 2692 Marine Casualty

USCG Form 2692A Barge Addendum

USCG Form 2692B Serious Marine Incident

USCG Regulation – 33 CFR 95

USCG Regulation – 46 CFR 4.06

USCG Regulation – 46 CFR 16



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