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Category Archives: DER Corner

DER Corner: May 2015

DER Question: We are in the process of stocking our fleet with drug and alcohol testing supplies. What is the requirement with regards to the number of alcohol and urine test kits that must be kept on board? Is there a CFR that specifies this for Serious Marine Incident testing? Testing Mode: USCG Company Location: […]

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DER Corner: April 2015

DER Question: I have a seasonal employee that left the employ of my company following the conclusion of our season in the Fall. He returned to work for us the following Spring. Testing Mode: USCG Company Location: Connecticut Am I required to do another drug and alcohol testing background check? DERCorner_APR

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DER Corner: March 2015

I received a background check questionnaire from a marine employer who plans to hire a former employee of our company. Although this employee never tested positive for drugs while under our employ, he did test positive at a previous company. We hired him with that knowledge since the employee subsequently went through the rehabilitation process […]

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DER Corner: February 2015

A unionized employee presents an SAP report to an employer after successfully completing the return-to-duty process. The report indicates that the employee must submit to random testing 12 times over the next year under direct observation. Under the employer’s contract, the employee must submit to standard random testing (not under direct observation) 3 times over […]

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DER Corner: January 2015

A non-mariner employee presents a note from his physician stating that he/she has been directed to use marijuana to treat anxiety attacks. The company inquired if the best way to handle the situation is to remove the employee from the drug testing pool as he/she would ultimately test positive. Read AMS’s Response: DERCorner_JAN

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